The idea of ​​sustainable houses is not only about building with seemingly extravagant materials or a simple fashion. It is a whole way of life in which ecology is a maxim, requiring commitment on the part of the person who is showing interest in reducing the footprint of man in the world. Taking care of the environment and reducing our impact has become a shared responsibility.

Daily life 

For the construction of a sustainable home you can start with some actions in your daily life that allow you to reduce your consumption. Minimizes the use of plastics when choosing metal or glass containers. It is also very useful to reduce the consumption of batteries or make use of those that are rechargeable.

Another good way to start helping the planet is to clean the home, using non-aggressive materials and alternatives to chemicals such as vinegar, vodka or baking soda. When this is not possible, purchase products in bulk to avoid the use and generation of unnecessary waste.


Many times to create environments in the rooms we require a specific lighting, which we can have with low consumption lights. In terms of energy consumption it also works to replace old appliances with more modern ones that save energy.

Another thing you can do is to acquire floors and furniture made from ecofriendly plantation tree woods with natural fiber upholstery; this in addition to helping make your home look unique. Remember that for decoration you can make use of different materials, giving life to something that you thought you might throw.

Building materials

If you want your home to be fully sustainable, then you will have to make an investment, whether you start from scratch and build it or make modifications to your property. This is because the materials are different, because it seeks to avoid all that harm the planet.

One of the fundamental modifications is the placement of solar panels, which take advantage of this energy to become electric, reducing the costs for the maintenance of the house.