An excavator machine consists of two parts: a basis of tractor and shovel. Most devices driver control tractor; only one controls the blade. The best way to learn how to handle a bulldozer is looking to a professional and then practice under their supervision. However, it is essential that you understand how all devices on these machines work before starting.


  1. Turn the key to start the engine of the excavator machine.
  2. Support your foot on the brake when you start driving. Be prepared to stop the machine at any time you need.
  3. Use your left lever for controlling movement of the excavator machine. Press the lever in the direction you want to go the machine.
  4. Press the pedal to slow the bulldozer. This pedal is located beside the brake.
  5. Use the lever to your right to control the blade of the bulldozer.
  6. To level an area, lower the blade until the ground. Then move the machine forward. Collect shovel earth, leaving the smooth area. Raise the blade to deposit land elsewhere.

Tips & Warnings

  • The first time you use a bulldozer, practiced in a small area. Use the mechanisms correctly can take time and experience.
  • Do not try to use a bulldozer on a slope, in a steep area or other such soil.