The methodology for calculating the productivity of a bulldozer came along with the first machines of this type. Essentially, the excavator productivity is measured by the volume of the loose or rocky soils the machine can move in one hour of continuous operation. In other words, the productivity of an excavator is determined by the volume of the earth that can bring in a minute. Calculations of the excavator are simple and can be performed in a simple manner a standard calculator.


  1. It comprises the formula for calculating the productivity of the excavator. The formula is: Q = (60 * q * z * n * kf) / kl, Q is the productivity of the excavator, q is the capacity of each rotor hub in feet cubic, z is the number of cubes in the wheel n is the rotor rotation speed measured in revolutions per minute. kf represents the fill factor of a cube while kl represents the factor soil loosening.
  2. Collects data. Typically, you can get the information capacity of each rotor hub in cubic feet, the number of buckets on the wheel and the rotation speed of the rotor excavator operator, provided by the manufacturer manual. The filling factor of the blade and the soil loosening factor can be determined experimentally. The fill factor, ranging from 0 to 1, determines the degree of utilization of the excavator shovel. For example, if it is half full or three-quarters full. To determine the factor of loosening the soil, which is always greater than 1, calculated to what extent the land density in the soil is greater than the density of the excavated soil. For example, if the ground is loosened by 10 percent, the loosening factor is 1.1.
  3. Use the formula in Step 1 to calculate the productivity of the excavator. For example, if the capacity of each rotor hub is 10 cubic feet (0.28 m³), the wheel has only one bucket, the rotor rotates at a speed of 5 revolutions per minute, and the fill factor and the factor loosening soil is 1, the productivity of the excavator is in: q = (60 * q * z * n * kf) / kl = (60 * 10 * 1 * 5 * 1) / 1 = 3,000 cubic feet per hour (84.95 m³). kf represents the filling factor represents a cube while kl factor soil loosening.