Month: September 2016

How to handle a bulldozer

An excavator machine consists of two parts: a basis of tractor and shovel. Most devices driver control tractor; only one controls the blade. The best way to learn how to handle a bulldozer is looking to a professional and then practice under their supervision. However, it is essential that you understand how all devices on

How to calculate the productivity of an excavator

The methodology for calculating the productivity of a bulldozer came along with the first machines of this type. Essentially, the excavator productivity is measured by the volume of the loose or rocky soils the machine can move in one hour of continuous operation. In other words, the productivity of an excavator is determined by the

How to calculate the accumulated depreciation of equipment

Accumulated depreciation is the total expenditure of depreciation charges on a piece of equipment since you bought it. Depreciation is the allocation of the cost of the piece of equipment on the number of years you expect to be in service. When you load a depreciation expense to a piece of equipment each year, the

How to be a construction supervisor

The role of construction supervisor is very important and demanding. It depends on this monitor construction processes daily, coordinate the tasks of workers and keep the place of work without problems. It is also vital to maintain the safety of workers, be aware of budgets and meet the deadlines. To be the best possible construction

How a dump truck work

Construction of a dump truck Although there are several designs different from trucks dump, its basic components more or less the same for all of them remain. The body principal truck dump is usually based on a flatbed truck, with an axis under the cab, anywhere from one to three axes below the dump box.